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2/29/2015 As the 2015 season starts Chuck will not only be hitting the local speedways but also increase and upgrade his online presence. www.chuckmckee.com will be completely new in the coming weeks and as of today you can follow Chuck on twitter @Mckee19Missile. Twitter will allow us to give minute by minute updates from the track and Facebook will allow you to interact with Chuck and the team at any time. See you at the track and online following "The Middletown Missile."

04/19/15 I just wanted to take a minute to update and thank everyone.

First of all, everything is good. I did have some first degree burns as a result of the fire in the race car. The issue was with fuel spilling into the cockpit and igniting. The Leaf Racewear suit did it's job and prevented more serious injuries. Though the fire melted both the arms and legs on the suit. That's where the burns occurred.

Everything happened very quickly, and there were many people who helped me while it was happening and afterwards. I don't know specifically everyone who was involved and I don't know who I didn't notice - so let me send a general thanks to the staff from Orange County Fair Speedway, the folks in the pits at Turn 1, the Ambulance personnel and everyone else who came to my aid.

Specifically, I want to thank the crew from Dave's Towing and Tom Meier and his team Tommy Meier Racing. They were quick to get to me and get me out of the car, which prevented something more tragic from happening. I'm very thankful today for these folks.

And finally, a thank you for all the calls and messages from everyone. I appreciate the concern and the well wishes from every single one of you.

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